The Bangeni’s – Some Family Firsts

It was so awesome to receive a call from one of my brides of 2010 and even more awesome to learn that her and her husband had had a baby! They were looking to take their first family photographs and wanted me to take them. I was delighted to hear that! They had been such a wonderful couple to work with on their wedding day so I was extremely excited at the prospect of meeting their son and do another shoot with them.

We had a fantastic day and a lot of fun! Here is what we got up to…


Click the “Play Button” to watch the slide show!

Thank you so much Xolisa, Masixole and Alizwa for the wonderful time we got to spend together! You are fabulous people and make a stunning family! All the best for a happy & bright future for all of you (and lots more siblings for Alizwa to come ;-)!