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I was soooo excited when I got a call from Catherine, who I had photographed when pregnant, to schedule a family portrait shoot with her hubby Denzel and their now (already!!!) 15 month-old daughter Amelia! I had not seen her at all yet after she was born – I couldn´t wait to meet her, properly now. We had arranged to meet at the Johannesburg Zoo today for some candid shots as well as some formal portraits.

Here is a first look at some of the images… there is more to come… these are just some sneak-peeps!

When they first arrived Amelia was extremely curious as to the big thing I was holding in my hands – her parents have something similar but she´d never seen such a big one with sooo many buttons… and she´s rather partial to buttons these days. She even brought “her” remote to show me how cool it is to play with them (you just HAVE to love kids´ spirit)!!!

The Debie's Image 01

We start slow… and try to get her used to me “flashing” around her… I mean, we had only just met – in her eyes…

The Debie's Image 03

It didn’t take long to get Catherine and Denzel involved though. As soon as the coffees started to kick in they got stuck in some serious family-play-time!

The Debie's Image 02

And we covered a lot of ground… on the ground…

The Debie's Image 04

… and up in the air!

The Debie's Image 05

I love this picture – it’s so… family-ly… and full of affection, don’t you think?

The Debie's Image 06

The star of today:

The Debie's Image 07

We went to the playground for a few more shots… she almost did not want to let go of this blue pole anymore. It took some serious convincing by well-practiced mommy to get her to move to another spot. Very gently does it. The last thing we wanted was to upset her… every photographer dealing with children obviously knows that. “Just go with the flow… today, the kids call the shots”!

The Debie's Image 08

The Debie's Image 09

Miss Cutie-Pie certainly stole my heart today… what a sweet girl she is, already.

The Debie's Image 10

Okay, enough is enough… Mrs Photographer I have had a long day of smiling at you, laughing at you, listening to you making funny noises and I’ve horsed around with my parents, a lot – I am tired now and I am walking off the set at once.

The Debie's Image 11

Good bye!!!