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Family Time, Nostalgic Negative and my X-T5

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind with very little time to write and post. Now that the holidays are here and the pace of everything is slowing down, I get to catch my breath and gather my thoughts.

A lot has happened and I’ll do my best to fill you in on the most exciting parts, one post at a time.

Most importantly, my sister is visiting from Germany and we are enjoying our time together preparing for special Christmas celebrations. A lot can be said about traditions, especially around the festive season and I would be lying if I said that I don’t miss Christmas time in Germany. I am not complaining about being able to sit here at my desk, dressed in shorts and T-shirt while writing this, and the prospect of enjoying a braai (a South African Barbecue) on Christmas Eve is really special too. But, it has very little in common with the Christmas I grew up with.

To honour my German roots and kick off the season to be merry, my darling sis and I started out by baking some traditional Christmas cookies.

Since my X-T5 arrived (after what felt like an eternity) I’ve obviously been shooting with it at every opportunity, but there have only been a few times so far. And having your hands full of cookie dough surely isn’t the best time to handle a new camera, but I couldn’t let these moments pass without grabbing a couple of shots.

I’ve been shooting with Timeless Negative – one of the “Recipes for the Holidays” which Ritchie and I recommended in our last episode of SOOC. It is one of Fuji X Weekly’s first recipes for the X-T5 using the much-discussed Nostalgic Negative film simulation. I am very pleased with my jpegs straight out of camera. I think the recipe is extremely versatile and gives my images a distinct film look without too much of a departure from real-life colours. They are nicely saturated with a hint of warmth and just enough fairy dust to make lovely memories out of an ordinary kitchen scene. 

I’ve been shooting in other situations as well and will be sharing my thoughts about those and my experience with my new camera in upcoming posts. Like I said, there’s lots to catch up on, so I’ll see you back here very soon (and in the meantime, read up on how excited I was after the X-T5 was announced)!

(all images in this post have been shot on my X-T5 in Timeless Negative by Fuji X Weekly and are jpegs straight out of camera)

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