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Let’s Celebrate Eterna Bleach Bypass

A beeeeeg thank you to the SOOC audience!! We received such an awesome selection of images for last week’s episode of SOOC – they make for a fantastic showcase of Eterna Bleach Bypass.

Thanks to everyone for your submissions!!

Watch the viewers’ slideshow here and let me know what you think!

Eterna Bleach Bypass is the film simulation that was first introduced in the Fujifilm X-T4 in 2020. It produces images that are low in saturation and high in contrast with a very specific silvery look that emulates traditional cinematic film that had the removing of silver halide (called bleaching) skipped (or bypassed) during its development.

Despite high hopes in the Fujifilm community, older camera models did not receive this film simulation by means of a firmware update which left many users disappointed. Thanks to Ritchie’s fantastic work over at Fuji X Weekly, users with camera models preceding the X-T4 (X-Trans III and IV sensor cameras, i.e. X-T3/0, X-T2/0, X-Pro2, X100F, X-E3 and X-H1) can enjoy these fabulously looking jpegs regardless.

This selection of images is SOOC out of my X-E4 (which natively has the Eterna Bleach Bypass film simulation but I used Ritchie’s recipe and chose Grain Size “large” to create these jpegs).

The recipe really works well in many situations and is a great fit for all lovers of desaturated, cinematic looking images.

Not familiar with SOOC? Want to find out more?

SOOC is a live show centred on images straight-out-of-camera for the photography community. It is a collaboration between Tame Your Fujifilm by X-Photographer Nathalie Boucry and Fuji X-Weekly by Ritchie Roesch, created for learning and sharing experiences with Fujifilm film simulation recipes. The show is broadcast live from Johannesburg, South Africa and focuses on one specific recipe each month. Every episode aims to assist viewers get the most out of their Fujifilm gear by turning the focus on in-camera jpegs and cutting out time-consuming post processing. It’s the smart way to achieve fabulous results straight out of camera.

If you missed last week’s show you can still catch it here:

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