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An Ode to Cobblestones

If there is one thing I miss about living in Africa, it is small, old towns with lots of old half-timber houses and pedestrian zones with cobblestone roads. Weinheim in Germany is such a town.

I don’t know if it’s my age or my constantly growing appreciation for beautiful things, but I do think it is just fabulous.

There are lots of little alleyways and plenty of cobblestone here. And it sure is old. Weinheim celebrated its 1250th anniversary in 2005. The building that is home today to the Loewen-Apotheke at the Market Square, was built in the 1700’s – now that’s just insane. And these are not even the oldest buildings around here.

The Market Square in the centre of the pedestrian zone is teeming with cafes and restaurants frequented by locals as well as international tourists all-year-round.

And, yes, of course, as any self-respecting German town would, it also has a castle complete with elaborate garden and exotic forest. Inside the garden stands the “Blauer Hut” – the tower which, in the 1300’s, had a blue roof and formed part of the city wall. It has an 8m deep dungeon which served as a prison in those days.

One of the things that makes this town even more special to me personally, is that two friends of mine have shops here, both of which are very special, each in their own way.

One is a hair salon and the other a pretty home-decor and gift shop. Make sure to read all about Bubbles and Das Lieblingstueck!

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