I have written about Weinheim, Germany before in my “Ode to Cobblestones”.

The town boasts a lot of historic superlatives which are a good reason to visit but it was not my reason I was there on my last visit to Germany.

It’s just a mere 10km away from Mannheim so I was able to hop on a local train to travel there.

A friend of mine had opened a hair salon at the nearby “Hutplatz” and I had been planning a visit with my camera for some time.

Just a few minutes’ walk from the Market Square, “Hutplatz” also comprises pretty old and picturesque buildings and is home to “Bubbles – The Hair Spa”.

Meet Carsten Tschöpe, talented hair stylist and proud owner of this pretty shop.

Let’s dive inside, shall we?

And it is more than a hair salon – it also stocks the beautiful, luxurious range of Bodhi Cosmetics and L’Oreal’s professional Hair Care products.

This little gem of a shop also stocks very fashionable clothing and stunning accessories to compliment your new hairstyle when Carsten has worked his special brand of magic on you.

Bubbles’ heart is a high-end hair salon where the art of hair styling is perfected on any kind of head that enters.

Watching Carsten at his craft, commanding his super-high spec professional scissors, was a feast for my eyes and my camera.

A visit to Bubbles is an experience of its own and one well-worth having. You get to meet Carsten, indulge in his awesome hair styling creativity and get to leave with luxurious products and accessories to match how you look and feel!

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