Das Lieblingsstueck

I feel so blessed in so many ways being able to write this post I can hardly contain myself. Why? you ask? Let me tell you why?

One of my besties from high school opened a gorgeous shop in Weinheim, Germany (a pretty town, not far from my home town. You can read more about Weinheim here).

Alexandra, or Sandi, as I know her, is and always was funky, stylish and creative and her shop reflects that so well. Very fittingly, it is called “Das Lieblingstueck” (my favorite piece).

Needless to say when I finally had the opportunity to take photographs of her and her shop there was no way I was going to let it slip away.

I know a lot of people who have a dream but few who actually manage to fulfill it. She is one of a few and I am so very proud of her for achieving what she had been wanting for such a long time.

When I look at her, I still see the beautiful Sandi I’ve known all these years back – full of warmth, full of life and that smile that reminds me of so many precious moments spent together!

Das Lieblingsstueck stocks lots of pretty home decor and beautiful things, and also art work and jewelry made by Sandi. The store is so well-decorated, you can feel the love and passion in every corner and on every shelf.

As I click away inside the shop, she pulls out some tools and says, “Here, let me show you something that I make” – and immediately starts bending and twisting some wire like it is second nature to create this beautiful piece…

…a beautiful frame for her shop’s gift voucher!

If this kind of creativity and passion excites you too, then I encourage you to contact Sandi and visit her shop.

When it comes to Sandi, creating art is not new.

A few years back, when I was clearing out the attic of the house I grew up in, I found one of her early artworks. It is a picture of the two of us (clearly identified by our nick names) through her eyes at the time!

As long as I can remember she was forever busy drawing something. She made me birthday cards and one year even a giant birthday poster. No matter what she set out to draw, it was always beautiful. Over the years she has refined her skills even more and now creates beautiful works of art which she sells in her shop!

Sandi had another dream, and yes, she fulfilled this one as well. She has always been crazy about dogs and had wanted her own for a very long time. She finally got her wish – in a double packet! She adopted two dogs a few years ago, brother and sister Theo and Frida, from a shelter in the south of Europe.

No profile of the shop would be complete without talking about the shop’s silent star: Frida. But first she needs to get ready for her photograph – nothing a few strokes with the brush and some extra bit of love can’t fix!

Frida is the shop’s infamous dog. With her shy yet oh so faithful character, she has stolen the hearts of the customers of “Das Lieblingsstueck” over the years as she sits, with unwavering loyally, day-in/day-out by Sandi’s side.

Being the well-behaved dog that she is, when her day as shop-dog comes to an end, she sits patiently waiting while Sandi locks up, as she knows what’s waiting for her…

What better way to end the day than to go for a walk in the nearby forest for a breath of fresh air and a bit of a run-around for the dogs.

I have to pinch myself while writing this as I can’t believe how fortunate I am to spend a day like this with an old friend, and as we sit together for our well-deserved selfie, it feels like no time has passed.

Thank you, my dear friend Sandi, for being who you are and for always having stayed true to yourself. I admire you for your talents and your achievements!

Being able to spend time with you is very precious and I shall cherish this day for a very long time!

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