Introducing Mindful Mondays

Today I am starting my “Mindful Monday” Journey and I invite you to join me on this adventure of a different kind. 

For my birthday my husband gave me an exercise in mindfulness to last a total of 50 weeks. 

His biggest motivator in this was that we would consciously set aside time for ourselves during our busy work week to spend some time together. It is something that we have become very bad at over the last two years.

The way he presented this to me was rather creative and entertaining. 

He gave me a dot-to-dot puzzle of dinosaurs which is really meant for pre- and primary school kids. 

Rather than practicing my pen control, hand-eye coordination and number sequencing (which is what these puzzles are apparently intended for) I am tasked to find a restaurant, café, place for us to go to each week where we get to take some time out while reconnecting with my German roots and to sample a craft beer I haven’t tasted before during each outing. This will obviously get documented in photos and video. 

I have decided to extend this to also take some time to focus on what’s really important in my week, work, life, set goals and improve my work-life balance. Turning 50 makes you do these kinds of things. Apparently. 

To set the tone to each week I will start my Mondays by making a new puzzle and use this rather unconventional approach to gather my thoughts in the process and attempt to become more mindful and goal-oriented in my thoughts and actions. 

So today is day one and I have just completed my first puzzle, bringing to life my blue, leaf-eating diplodocus. My knowledge of dinosaurs is not that extensive and never included this species up until now, so if nothing else, I have learnt something new today already.

I spent more time taking photos of it than actually drawing it but hey, there is only so much mindfulness I can put into connecting the numbers 1 to 8 😉

As for the deeper part of today’s exercise I am challenging myself to start and finish whatever I am working on.

In my old corporate job, wayback when, before I started working for myself, my then-boss once told me, that she would pick up each piece of paper only once. It made a lot of sense to me then and I took it to heart. Many years have gone by since then and I kind of forgot all about this practice. Up until this morning.

I don’t know about you but during the craziness of the last two years, multi-tasking has become a bit of a thing for me. In itself it is not a bad, unmanageable thing (especially as a woman 😉 However, in my case, I am constantly feeling like there are not enough hours in the day to get through all the work, projects, tasks I need or want to finish in a day, which makes me rush. A lot. And that’s not good and something I want to change.

If this sounds anything like an exercise you could benefit from all well and would like to work on achieving a better work-life balance, I invite you to join me in this journey.

Ready? Here goes then. Mindful Monday Exercise No 1:

Pick up each piece of paper only once, or, complete a thought, a task, a process, workflow, job from start to finish.

And so my very first task I am finishing today is posting this article on my blog for you to read and enjoy!

Happy Mindful Monday folks!

(Note for the SOOC Live community: All images in this post were shot in #KodakGold200 by @FujiXWeekly on my #XPro3)


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