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In last week’s episode of SOOC we brought the theme of black and white photography to a close by celebrating. this timeless genre with a phenomenal amount of outstanding viewers’ submissions. We were blown away by the number and the high standard of each and every image we received. 

You can still catch the viewers’ slideshow that showcases all the submissions we received in case you missed it:

The date for the next episode is Thursday, 14 September, which means it’s another two weeks, before Ritchie and I will showcase and recommend new recipes for you to shoot with again.

So what recipes should you shoot with in the meantime? Don’t panic! I have an idea. How about you go right back to the beginning? The first episode of SOOC aired over two years ago and in the first season alone we featured 5 fabulous recipes. They are all popular recipes and it’s worth giving them a shot (I had to do that, right?!)!

SOOC Season 01 Episode 02 | Kodachrome II

I have very fond memories of discovering the world of Fujifilm Film Simulation Recipes by shooting on my X100F with a recipe, none other than Kodachrome II for the first time. What can I say: it’s Kodachrome, it’s just gorgeous. 

SOOC Season 01 Episode 03 | Fujicolor C200

Or how about Fujicolor C200? It was the first recipe I shot that uses Classic Negative. It’s very contrasty and it is so beautiful the way it renders blues and greens.

SOOC Season 01 Episode 04 | Kodacolor

This recipe made its appearance in Episode 04 of Season 01 and is another classic, warm Kodak look, offering muted colours with quite a bit of grain but good sharpness.

SOOC Season 01 Episode 05 | Agfa Optima 200

Also one of the recipes I regularly cycle back to, is this stunning recipe based on Provia which is pretty, clean and more true to life than many other recipes, yet gives your jpegs just enough of a different look to make them stand out.

SOOC Season 01 Episode 06 | Cross Process

And if you feel adventurous, there’s always Cross Process to count on. It’s so different, and certainly not true to life, but so much fun! You have to give it a try!

Revisiting all these wonderful looks makes me feel like shooting with all of them again. How about you? What do you think of these recipes? I hope that one of them catches your eye and will keep you busy for the next two weeks, while Ritchie and I prepare for the upcoming show. And speaking of which – you can already set the notification to receive a reminder when we are about to go live so that you don’t miss it!

I hope to see you in our next show! Until then, stay happy and healthy and shoot awesome jpegs!!

All images in this article are straight out of camera shot with recipes by Fuji X Weekly

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