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It’s a wrap!

We hosted Episode 8 of Season 2 last night and finished our conversation around the fabulous Kodak Portra 400. Thanks to all of you that watched and engaged during the live broadcast. We had such a good time interacting with you and so appreciate your questions and comments, you totally rocked the floor!

What? You missed yesterday’s show (lol)… not to worry – we’ve got you. The video is still available to watch. Why not check it out now:

We received fabulous submissions for our “Recipe of the Month” – watch our “Showcase of Viewers’ Images” and see just how awesome Kodak Portra 400 really is:

There are three versions of the recipe, suitable for X-Trans IV and X-Trans III cameras and for the X-T3 and X-T30. I recommend you go out and shoot with it if you haven’t already!

The broadcast started out with our PreShow and we shared a couple of laughs while discussing “Zooming with your Feet” and what it means to shoot with prime vs zoom lenses.

During the main show we mentioned Fujifilm’s global campaign #10YearsOfXMount. The theme for October is landscape photography. It’s a great genre to dive into if you are looking for some inspiration for the weekend or for an upcoming trip. We have discussed recipes which are great for landscape photography in particular in Episode 4 of Season 1. You can check out the Soundbite from the show here and also read my article on this.

We had great fun exploring the new widget feature of the Fuji X Weekly’s App. I looked into this some more after the show and feel that it definitely adds value to users in many different ways. I have added these pages to my phone:

In our “Tip of the Day” we had an interesting conversation around dynamic range and our “Recipe for Special Occasions” featured “Recipes for a Rainy Day”.

Stephen Wells was our live guest and we had the most wonderful conversation with him around his superb photography and what it means for him to shoot with film simulation recipes. It was an absolute delight to have him with us and I want to give a big shout out to him for joining the show and for sharing in his journey with us. Please connect with him over at Instagram and treat yourself to his fantastic feed.

Our new Recipe of the Month is Fujichrome Sensia 100. I recommend you don’t waste any time to load it into your camera and start exploring the wonderful colours this recipe has to offer. Don’t forget to upload your favourite image(s) by Tuesday, 15 November and then tune in on Thursday, 17 November for our next episode in which we will look at what everyone has been creating with this recipe. Click on the link below to set a reminder now so that you don’t forget to tune in live!

Now it’s over to you! Grab your camera and create awesome jpegs! We will see you again in the next broadcast!

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