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Monday, 25 April – Why you looking at me like that?

No more slithering in the garden for me this week ahead. The pot plants will have to keep themselves company because I won’t be here to slip the debris and rain off their leaves.

The Name is Anton
Oh, yes, the name’s Anton!

Yeah that’s me and I’m hittin’ the road come mid-Monday afternoon. Sliding out’a town for a break! Where am I going? Well, let’s say, I’m going to play snakes and ladders around the countryside!

No kidding that’s my compass for the week and it goes like this:

  • Up to 4 spins of the dice:
  • 1st spin: EVEN numbers send me NORTH, ODD numbers send me SOUTH
  • 2nd spin: summed with 1st spin, gives me the first digit on the board
  • 3rd + 4th spin: summed, give me the second digit on the board
  • First and Second digit are my marker on the board and set the boundary of my travel
  • WHITE sends me EAST, GREEN sends me WEST
  • Let’s say I throw; 6, 3, 4 3 | that’s 97 which is green on the board = 97km North West. It’s that easy!

So here is the low down: I’ll be up to all sorts of things this week – popping in to some yet unknown places, trying out local cuisine and attractions and even taking pics with the people I meet. You get my drift?

So check back her on Nat’s blog, as I will drop a post every evening. You may be surprised what I may get up to!

But first I got tell Mucho something important. He’s been waiting patiently:

Mucho waiting patiently for Anton
Well, I guess the news that he does not get to head out with me didn’t go down well. Poor fellow is floored!

Mucho is floored!

Cheerio for now!
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