Anton | Snakes and Ladders around the Country | Day 1

Monday, 25 April – End of Day

Oh what drama!

Nathalie Boucry Photography | Mucho with Maya and Anton in Car

After a fair flow of tears, I eventually got Mucho and Maya to understand that even if they could hide in the trunk of the car, they still could not go with me. What is it with those two trying to slither away on my ride!

So I stretch out for the obligatory portrait.

Nathalie Boucry Photography | Anton on Spare Tyre

And at a shade before 15h45, crack the dice on its maiden roll:

Nathalie Boucry Photography | Snakes and Ladders Tools on Car

1 2 2 4 = 36 GREEN and that’s 36km SOUTH EAST. But wait, my luck is in and a ladder boosts me through to 44! And so its 44km SOUTH EAST at the start of my escapade. Nice!

The going is real easy without the normal traffic and soon we are running out of road. At 53km from home, its time to pull in at the Total 1-Stop shop.

Nathalie Boucry Photography | Anton at Total Garage

Not for ice-cream – silly – but to wow the locals with my slinky looks!

First out the starting blocks, an ecstatic Mzwakhe Kubheka is so taken by me that he wonders if our pic will appear in the Sunday Times! Some folks are just…….well, lets say, too happy to meet me.

Nathalie Boucry Photography | Anton and Mzawakhe at Total

Another shot at the dice …6 1 3 3 and its 76km NORTH EAST.

Soon it’s a quick stop in Nigel and I am lost in thought at the fantasy of an all-winter snooze in those warm grain silos.
Nathalie Boucry Photography | Silos near Nigel

Aaaah, the sunset in the rear window is just awesome.

Nathalie Boucry Photography | Sunset near Nigel

It’s getting dark and I gotta lay my head down some place. So with Delmas in sight, it’s the task of finding a comfortable and cosy corner for the night. But whoa!, after an hour of going to and fro, three B&B’s bomb out. Perhaps I should have packed a pot-plant to cradle in.

Without a place to sleep, I figure a drink or two will do.
Nathalie Boucry Photography | Anton at Bar in Mike's Kitchen

While Nathi stirs my favourite poison and the kitchen hustles up my grub, I shoot the breeze with Shady, the manager of Mike’s Kitchen in Delmas.

Nathalie Boucry Photography | Anton with Shady

After a little fumbling on Google and a call or two, it’s back in the car and sliding through to Bronkhorstspruit Dam where I can lay my head at the Terrace View Guest House. Although it’s dark on arrival, all indications are “real nice place”…………but I guess morning will prove itself.

Sleepy time…….after the hard choice of which of five rooms to sleep in …ha, ha, ha….and then its bedtime prayers and this note for you.
Nathalie Boucry Photography | Anton tucked in for the night

Two cracks at the dice today, 5hrs and 192km of travel and I’m – as the crow flies – all of 73km from home! Go figure!

Nighty nite!
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