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A perfect day for Kodak Gold 200

I took a break from all the preparations underway for my upcoming live show SOOC on the weekend and took my X-Pro 3 for a spin. Even though I have been shooting lots of Kodak Gold 200 I thought I would give it one more outing.

I couldn’t have chosen a more suitable day for this. It was early afternoon, so the light wasn’t even at its best yet, but the looming autumn air gave everything a polished bright and vibrant look and Kodak Gold 200 was a brilliant choice for the occasion.

Just look at these colours and tones… When choosing this film simulation recipe with Ritchie (Fuji X Weekly) as our 6th recipe I didn’t expect to love it as much as it turns out I do.

Kodak Gold 200 is a recipe that is based on the look of the actual film stock made by Kodak since the 1980. It’s a film that I grew up with. Looking at some of the results I have been getting with my X-Pro 3 bring back family memories from the film days. 

Kodak Gold 200 is a consumer grade film stock that for many occasions, is very versatile and still available today. When shooting with the film, your results will have a vintage, warm yet bright feel with great contrast, especially in your greens.

The recipe by Fuji X Weekly is no different in delivering these reliable results. 

The images I have been getting with my X-Pro3 have a definite film look to them and I absolutely love that. The contrast and the way it renders colour is beautiful and warm. I’m particularly impressed with how it retains details in the highlights, especially on landscape photographs. It is one of the challenges when shooting with film or film simulation recipes. Film never had the dynamic range that digital cameras deliver. Kodak Gold 200 however, holds its own in many situations and will often exceed expectations.

After having shot a fair amount of images with it that I love, it is a strong contender for an everyday recipe and may get a permanent place in my Q Menu.

All images in this article where shot with my Fujifilm X-Pro 3 and are straight out of camera jpegs with the Kodak Gold 200 recipe applied.

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