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Social media has been buzzing with speculations leading up to today. Now, that the Fujiflm X Summit has aired, we can pack our crystal balls away. All has been revealed and yes, it is real: there’s a new film simulation coming to Fujifilm cameras, and it’s called “Reala Ace”.

It will be available in the freshly announced GFX 100 II, and from what I understand, requires the 102MP sensor of the GFX system. I am not sure whether this means that it will or will not come to X-Series cameras in the future. That is, at this point in time, still a case for our crystal balls. However, let’s remain hopeful since a new simulation would open up possibilities for new, fresh, interesting looks. In the meantime, we shall practice patience and wait for things to reveal themselves.

Despite this blow, we can actually count ourselves extremely lucky. As Fujifilm shooters, we are part of a very passionate and active community where many great minds have created a rich smorgasboard of film simulation recipes, so we don’t need to rely on in-camera film simulations alone to give jpegs a variety of awesome looks!

One of those recipes is Fujicolor Reala 100, a film simulation recipe by Fuji X Weekly which is compatible with X-Trans IV & V cameras. It was created to emulate the look of the analog Fujifilm film stock with the same name. Fujicolor Reala 100 is a little different to Reala Ace. Its qualities would lie somewhere between Classic Neg. and Reala Ace on the Fujifilm chart above and it is a fantastic recipe that gives your jpegs a distinct film look with beautiful blues, great contrast and greens that are oh-so-typically Fujifilm!

I have shared my thoughts about this recipe here before and also wrote a little about the history of the original film stock. Be sure to read the post to find out more and view more sample images.

And now, before I go to shoot some more aweome-looking jpegs in Fujicolor, here’s a quick recap of what has been announced at the X Summit today:

There’s the new GFX 100 II, that is joining the Fujifilm family. Read all about it’s amazing specs here:

Together with the camera, three new lenses were also announced. A new portraits lens, the GF55mmF1.7 R WR as well as two tilt-shift lenses, namely the GF30mmF5.6 T/S and the GF110mmF5.6 T/S Macro, are joining the fantastic line-up of GF lenses. The camera and the GF55mmF1.7 are said to be available internationally at the end of September, the GF30mmF5.6 tilt-shift lens from October and the GF110mmF5.6 from November.

And that about sums up today’s announcements.

Everyone who has had their hopes up for an X100, XPro or XE-Series successor will have to practice more patience. And, like the very wise Croft M. Pentz said: ”The best way to practice patience, is to do something else in the meantime”. So, how about you join me in creating some awesome-looking jpegs in Fujicolor Reala 100?

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  • Manuel Bachmann
    June 28, 2024 at 2:27 pm

    And today (28.06.2024) Reala hit’s the X-H2 🙂


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