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Whoop whoop! We did it! We kicked off the long-awaited Season 2 yesterday!

After a long break, we live-streamed our first episode of SOOC for 2022. Thank you so much to everyone for watching. We couldn’t do this without you!

We introduced a PreShow which is a more informal 30-Minute session that gives you an opportunity to connect with us and ask anything you would like to discuss.

We had a great time getting back into the swing of things and connecting with you from inside of our new look for this year. 

The main show started with us taking a look back at Season 01 and introducing some changes we have made to the show format which we hope you will enjoy. 

We checked out Ritchie’s new app “RitchieCam“ – a camera app that offers 15 filters that turn your iPhone images into great looking jpegs in camera. Using your iPhone to shoot with a One Step Philosophy is a lot of fun with great results.

Anyone who is starting out on the journey of shooting with film simulation recipes, may appreciate our quick demo of how to load a recipe into your camera’s Q Menu in which we also shared some shortcuts to make this process quick and easy. 

We looked at recipe recommendations for shooting in artificial light in our segment  “Recipes for Special Occasions” before we moved into the second part of the show. 

Kodak Gold 200 was introduced in Episode 6 of Season 01. We showcased some of our viewers’ submissions which we felt were excellent examples of this recipe.

Kodak Tri-X 400 was announced as the new recipe of the month and one of my highlights of the show was having Anders Lindborg join us as our special guest to introduce this recipe. It is thanks to him and his dedication to creating the recipe, that brings this epic and timeless look to our Fujifilm cameras.

Here are some of my sample images straight out of my X-Pro3:

We took a deep dive into discussing the beautiful quality this recipe gives your jpegs and Anders showcased some of his fantastic images he shot with it. Watch the show and check them out!

A big up also to Sebastian PuenteR who was chosen in our lucky draw as this month’s winner of a 12-month subscription of the Fuji X Weekly app.

We are dedicated to growing the SOOC community and would love to get to know you. We invite you to join us live on the show as a guest to share your experiences of shooting with film simulation recipes! Please contact us and we will guide you!

As always, please submit your images shot with Kodak Tri-X 400 by 13 April here! We can’t wait to see what you create with this awesome recipe.

I am looking forward to do it all over again next month. Go ahead and set a reminder to the next show now:

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