Sad Day with Bits of Purple

The weather reflects exactly how I feel today – grey, drab without any highlights… and since the mood in my photographs often reflects how I feel I think it’s the perfect day to hunt for a black & white photograph for my weekly x-frame image.

Very quickly I find this…


Yes, perfect, that reflects my mood today. Happy with my yield I head back to my computer.

On the way I walk passed a flower bed… pretty drab green colours and that purple flower begging for my attention.

“Okay”, I think “well, no harm done in taking one or two photographs here. But you flower must know that I won’t let you steal the lime light and let colour creep into my x-frame today. So don’t even get excited. Today, I am sad and grey and I want a black & white picture. Understood?!”

So I take a few photos, quite like the scene, I must admit and catch myself smiling.

While I insert the memory card into the card reader and start importing the photos my brain is already thinking about editing the purple in the flowers and a title and my moods starts lifting. Trying to stay true to my original mission, though, I take my wet brick photo and process it. Very quickly I move onto my purple flowers.Maybe I can still make a black and white photo but of this scene instead of the sad bricks?

my latest photograph from the series

Sometimes this can be an interesting approach but no matter how hard I try… in this case it doesn’t work. And the worst of all, now I also don’t like my initial black & white photo anymore. Now I need purple. It grabs my attention. Distracts me and feels good… and so, purple it is.


I use the brush tool to adjust settings like contrast, shadows and highlights, vibrance and saturation, clarity as well as sharpness of the flower in order to get the purple a bit more jumpy without affecting the rest of the image. For a few minutes I get lost in all the bits of purple and forget about my grey mood. It feels good. And I feel better.

my latest photograph from the series

Sad Day with Bits of Purple | Johannesburg, South Africa from the series

Photography is a funny beast. It doesn’t make all the problems of the world disappear, no, but it is a powerful tool to distract and create joyful moments. And that’s priceless!

Next time you feel a little off centre, I recommend you pick up your light-capturing device and give your soul a bit of R’n R!

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