Family Christmas Project

For our Christmas DIY Project last year we were inspired by this amazing blog and one of her projects:

Our family is quite big and we all enjoy spending time on art and craft projects with the kids and as many of the family members as we can get together for Christmas Day. Last year we decided to make something from recycled cans. The original idea came from this DIY blog: Madame Criativa. The initial idea was to make cutlery holders. However, once let lose, everyone came up with their own ideas… which was even better than we could have hoped.

Precious time spent with our loved ones creating beautiful things… happiness!


Christmas Project 1

Christmas Project 2

Who likes to watch paint dry? This process turns out to be a bit slow so some find other ways to decorate their tins which doesn’t involve watching and waiting for paint to dry.

Christmas Project 3

Soon enough everyone is sticking and glueing and painting…

Christmas Project 4

It is so nice to watch everyone getting involved… no one can leave without a decorated tin (and some glue and paint stuck on their fingers) when the day is done! Not everyone is keen right from the get go but as the various art works across the tables start taking shape even the last sceptics are getting their hands dirty.  It’s a real family affair!

Christmas Project 5

Christmas Project 6

And no two are the same. The only thing they all have in common is that they were created in a happy and Christmas-spirited round of beautiful people – as unique as their tins they created.

Christmas Project 7


The time we spent together will remain in our memories for a very long time, my guess is much longer than these decorated tins will remain in our households! It’s the time and the people that matter, and the tins were a good excuse to bring us all together.

Here’s to many more DIY projects!

I wonder what the next Christmas will bring…

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