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What comes after an Ian McEwan?

After a bit of a drought of good books I have just finished reading Ian McEwan’s “The Children Act”.

I haven’t read any of his other books but love the movie “Atonement” so I was intrigued when I saw a new release of his on the bookshelves.

What a gifted writer he is! The perfect balance between everyday, mundane life issues intertwined with deeply challenging ethical problems delivered in perfect prose! It is so well written I found myself feeling, tasting and hearing the words, page after page.

McEwan’s story revolves around a very difficult topic which he weaves masterly into the protagonist’s complex relationships and delivers it with an unexpected ending. It makes for an absorbing and stirring read!


After having read yet another minimalist book (The Children Act is over in 200 pages) I am starting to admire authors who are able to deliver a profound piece of prose in less rather than more words.  On the radio the other day there was talk about Barack Obama’s famous speechwriter Jon Favreau. According to the guy on the radio Favreau said that it was much easier to write a 2 hours speech than a 5 minute one.

Think about that.

It makes a lot of sense.

Less is more!


It takes a lot of talent to deliver a story in 200 pages rather than making it last and drawing it out. All the more admiration for Ian McEwan’s skills.

I am grateful to every author who can guide me through their book effortlessly and when I reach the end of it I feel like I want more!


But now what? Who can follow after such a “perfect book”? I have a few queueing up, bravely shouting for attention… not sure I have decided yet who will do the honour; a story about a child refugee, a non-fiction book about ISIS or must I pick up the story about an obnoxious Swedish pensioner?

Who will become no#15 in this years’ Goodreads challenge?

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