Tame Your Fujifilm

Are you a beginner, an enthusiast photographer or new to the FUJIFILM X Series? Have you moved over from a DSLR and need to wrap your head around this new system or are your curious about the FUJIFILM X system.

Do you want to learn more but can’t get yourself to read your camera’s manual? Are technical reviews mumbo-jumbo to you and go straight over your head?

If this is you, then “Tame Your Fujifilm” is the perfect series for you!

These are the recordings of the free “Tame Your Fujifilm” sessions which are focussed sessions presented by Nathalie Boucry, X-Photographer, on behalf of FUJIFILM South Africa and live-streamed to help you learn to use and get the most out of your Fujifilm gear.

Session 1 – Life’s Peachy in Auto

“Life’s Peachy in Auto” is a practical session where you learn about the setup your camera to take advantage of the powerful built-in Auto features to get consistently awesome results easily. Learn how to customise function buttons, setup and use “Auto ISO”, “Auto Shutter Speed” and other super Auto features without having to become a tech whizz.

Once you have customised your options for Auto, you will quickly realise how easy and fun it is to shoot beautiful images, with every click, every time!

Session 2 – No Complication with Exposure Compensation

“No Complication with Exposure Compensation” is a practical session that builds on the powerful Auto features of the FUJIFILM X Series. Learn to setup and use the command dials, configure settings that affect your camera’s exposure compensation functions, get a better understanding of metering modes and learn how to make sense of histograms so that you can have complete control of exposure compensation.

Once you know how to set up and use these features, you will get great results in no time and never look back.

Session 3 – Make it Quick and Easy

“Make it Quick and Easy” is a practical session where you learn to customise your camera’s function buttons, how to get the most out of and set up the Q Menu and My Menu.

After this session your camera will be customised to suit your shooting style and image preferences. You will be saving time, like a boss!

Session 4 – Styling Stunning Jpegs

“Styling Stunning Jpegs” is a practical session where you learn about special in-camera jpeg settings to produce stylish photos at the first click. Take advantage of Fujifilm’s awesome SOOC jpegs and kiss unnecessary editing good-bye! You’ll be shooting like a boss! In an instant! On the go!

Session 5 – Discussion on the Importance of Printing

An open group discussion on printing, its place and importance in your photography and the wide variety of mediums available in print during the “Printlife Exhibition” held during June 2019 at Sandton City Centre Court.

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