Man vs Machines

In the latest episode of SOOC we talked about the rise of AI in photography and using ChatGPT to create film simulation recipes.

It was an interesting chat in which Ritchie Roesch and I looked at the possibilities that ChatGPT opens up and even put it to the test during the show. 

If you missed the live broadcast you can catch up and watch the recording.

The recipe we created live during the show joined the line-up of recipes for this month’s SOOC challenge in which we asked you to shoot with and test the recipes created by Ritchie and I using ChatGPT. 

As you might know, Ritchie and I also challenge ourselves to shoot with the recommended recipes. Here are my findings so far:

Urban Dreams

I’ve used this recipe a number of times in urban and other settings. I think it can deliver nice results but felt that, in some instances the combination of grain and clarity settings created images with an overly grainy / messy kind of look, especially in the blue skies of city scenes. I like it, but I think Ritchie himself has created recipes that deliver better results than this.

Kodak Ektachrome E100VS v1

Despite my initial reservations I had for this recipe due to its punchy nature (the recipe is based on Velvia) I got some really nice results. I used it in a variety of scenarios and  feel that it could be a great recipe to use when your images require a bit of an extra colour kick. It delivered great-looking images in various conditions but should be used carefully when capturing very bright and colourful scenes. 

Soft Blue Classic

This is the recipe I created in my ChatGPT experiment prior to the show. I was trying to get a recipe that created images with a desaturated look and a slightly blue colour cast, low contrast and a distinct analog feel. 

The recipe definitely delivers low contrast  images which is helpful when shooting in harsh light and thanks to its slightly blue tinge also tones down overly warm scenes. However it certainly underdelivers  in the analog feel department. 

Regardless of its short-comings I quite enjoy the results I achieved with it. 

Vivid Summer Glow

This recipe and it’s very flowery name were created live during the show. We were looking for a recipe that would emulate a Kodachrome feel, just like Paul Simon described in one of his songs all those years ago:

“Make me a Film Simulation Recipe for my Fujifilm X-Pro3 camera that gives me those nice bright colors, those greens of summer, and makes you think all the world’s a sunny day.”

After shooting with it quite a bit I think it does deliver images that somewhat resemble this look. It works in a variety of settings but is quite warm and contrasty so should be used with caution on days when the world actually is a bright summer sunny day. 

And how are you getting along with your images? Which of these recipes is your favourite? And have you created your own yet?

We are a little less than two weeks away from our next show in which we will be looking at all the viewers images created for our challenge. I hope that you will submit yours too so that we can see how well (or not) this collection of recipes delivers. 

You have until Tuesday, 27 June to upload your favourite 3 images here (remember to add the recipe used in the image file before you upload them or place them in a folder that contains a note with your commentary).

I hope to catch you in our next broadcast on Thursday, 29 June. Remember to subscribe to the channel and hit the “Get Notified” button so you don’t miss the show!

I can’t wait to see you there!

All images in this post are jpegs straight out of camera

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