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Fujifilm Recipes for Travel Photography

Travel season is in full swing in many parts of the world which is why Ritchie Roesch from Fuji X Weekly and I discussed travel photography as our theme of the month in the last episode of SOOC.

Missed the live broadcast? No sweat, you can still watch the recording:

Apart from lots of useful tips, we also recommended four recipes that will deliver great results while travelling, namely:

1970’s Summer

This recipe, created for X-Trans V cameras, will deliver a warm, retro Kodak aesthetic and, with a white balance setting of 6500K, works best in sunny daylight. Which is also why, when shooting with it in artifical light, it will produce overly warm images. The recipe used Nostaligic Negative as its base film simulation which is why it can’t be used with cameras other than X-T5, X-H2/s or X-S20. If you do not shoot on those, maybe try Kodacolor VR (below) instead. It’s not quite the same but I find the results similar enough.

Elite Chrome 200

A versatile, everyday kinda recipe that will create jpegs with a vintage look and is best suited for X-Trans IV cameras. It has low contrast and a daylight white balance which makes it great for day trips and family outings but should be used with caution in any other settings as it will render your images with a yellow cast.

Fujichrome Provia 100F

Another daylight-balanced recipe for X-Trans IV cameras but with a very cool color tone which makes it a great choice for a day at the beach, when you want to focus on the blue in your images or any other situation when the light is extremely warm. Shooting with the other recommended recipes in those instances might render images which could look too yellow for your liking. At the same time, Fujichrome Provia 100F may result in images with a blue color cast if used in very cool condititons.

Kodacolor VR

A great choice for anyone shooting on X-Trans III cameras and looking for a classic negative film aesthetic with a warm contrasty look. It is a lovely recipe and since it doesn’t use Clarity, will give you an uninterruped shooting experience. If you are shooting on a newer camera you can still use this recipe, just choose “small” for your Grain Size and turn additional settings, like Color Chrome Effect and Color Chrome Effect Blue to “off”.

If you have been following SOOC live on YouTube this season, you will know that we always end our theme show with a challenge and ask you to share three of your favourite images, so that we can showcase them in the second epsiode of the month, our Q&A episode which is coming up this Thursday.

For this month we have set the following challenges:

First and foremost however, we would love for you to shoot with and experience the recommended recipes, whether you are actually travelling or not. If you feel like levelling up your SOOC skills, you can join our challenge and experiment what effect the recommended recipes have on your images when shooting in lighting conditions, like around noon time, or any other time and day when you ordinarily might not photograph in. We would love to see your results.

I hope you have had an opportunity to shoot with any or all of the recipes already. But if you haven’t, you still have until the end of Tuesday, 25 July to upload your favourite photographs so we can showcase them in our Viewers’ Slideshow or possibly even select them to discuss them during the show.

Either way, as long as you upload at least one images, you stand a chance to win a 12-month subscription to the Fuji X Weekly App. So don’t miss out and get shooting and sharing!

We look forward to another chance to connect and interact with you on Thursday, 27 July:

If you are looking for more inspo, you can check out my previous blog post in which I recommend a loooong list of other recipes you might find useful. And definitely watch Episode 07 of Season 03, however long it is as we shared lots of special nuggets during that show.

And now, grab your camera, enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope to “see you” soon.

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