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A New Home for SOOC Live

And this is how quickly two months go by. 

It feels like it was just the other day that Ritchie and I said goodbye to you in our final episode of 2022 of SOOC Live and just like that it’s time to shout about kicking off season 3. 

We have great things to shout about and are excited to share those with you.

If you haven’t seen or heard yet, SOOC Live now has its own channel on YouTube. A whole channel dedicated to getting great results straight out of your camera. Yeah baby! If this is exciting news for you, better shoot over there right now and subscribe so that you’ll keep in the know about upcoming shows. We will add all the past shows, slideshows and sound bites to the channel over the next couple of days so that you will find all the info and tips that we have shared over the last two years in one place!

But that’s not all! We have done other work behind the scenes over the holidays and can’t wait to unpack the results with you.

We are kicking off season 3 next week Thursday and hope that you will join us to see and hear what’s changed and what’ll stay the same this year!

And don’t forget to upload your favourite three images that you’ve shot over the festive season with one of the recipes we recommended in last year’s season finale. In case you suffer from forgettery, let me give you a bit of a recap:

First of all, we created our own recipe live during the show which we called Mystery Chrome. If you missed all that, you better go and play catch up. Making it, together with all our live guests and the live audience was a ton of fun and we are very curious to see if you shot with the recipe and what you think of it. 

We also recommended four other recipes and you are welcome to upload images shot with these recipes too (as well as any other recipe you shot with as long as you add the recipe to the file name of the images that you upload). It’s all about celebrating images straight out of camera to get this season started.

Timeless Negative

For all X-Trans 5 camera owners, this beautiful recipe delivers jpegs in desaturated colours with a great dynamic range that have a distinct film look.

Superia Premium 400

One of my new favourites, this recipe is based on Classic Negative and gives you jpegs that are saturated and contrasty and with a lovely colour cast that is so characteristic of this Fujifilm film simulation.

CineStill 800T

This recipe is great for shooting at night, indoors in artificial light or outdoors. There are different versions for a variety of cameras, so you should find one that fits your camera. I have not shot with it much so I don’t have any sample images to show you, but you can see Ritchie’s samples when you follow the link to the recipe to get an idea of the look that this recipe will give your jpegs.

Winter Slide

A recipe for all our viewers from the Northern Hemisphere and great for shooting winter scenes. Since I live far away from everywhere and anywhere that could ever experience scenes like that I have not shot with this recipe but I have every reason to believe that it will give you great results when capturing Winter Wonderland like scenes. If you haven’t already, I recommend you give this one a try as well!

So now, over to you! Go out there and create some awesome looking jpegs and share them with us before Tuesday, 7 February so we can show them during our season premiere.

I can’t wait to get this year started, unpack everything we have in store and look forward to reconnecting with you.

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