Faces of a New Generation / Ikageng

Faces of a New Generation | The African Man

We don’t look up to the African man anymore for he does not live up to his role.

As a figure of protection, he would make sure the home is a safe place to be, well to sustain life in it. Make sure no trespassers intrude this forte. He then by all means gets the people in the home to feel they can rely on him.

As a provider he gives love and hope. Beyond material gifts and comforts he gives his times. This he does not only give to the family but to the community so he is known and stands out. He was then seen as the pillar of the community, to run to in need of help, to thank him in times of joy.

Now that same man is deserting his responsibilities and now betrays the community he is to be the pillar of. He breaks walls of support built by him so he can steal and betray the same community. The most prized possessions of this community are brought down by them, pride, esteem and worth.

The family is now dysfunctional because the head has left; the neck is to take up its place. She then is mocked by the community saying she has taken the man’s role but what is she to do when the man has left all this to her. Because of him, we raise sons who do not know what the role of the man is, daughters who have lost trust in the man.

The African man has left sorrow in the hearts that once trusted him for he has humiliated and stole from them. He has lost his stand and needs to take it back.

Simphiwe Phukwane